BEP 137 – 会社ツアー: 周辺の訪問者を表示する

In today’s Business English Pod episode, we’re going to look at language for showing a visitor around your office or factory.

There are many reasons that someone might visit a factory and take a tour. They might be a prospective client who wants to see where the products are made, or perhaps someone from head office is on an inspection tour, or it could be an official inspection to make sure you are following government or internal standards. If it’s your job to give the tour, you’ll want to make sure everything goes smoothly. So in today’s episode we’ll looking at language for guiding people on a tour and pointing out areas of interest.

We’ll be listening to Ingrid taking Carl on a tour of a factory where GC cleaning products are produced. Carl is from the head office of GC and he’s inspecting the factory where Ingrid works. His job is to make sure that the company’s factories are all up to standard and capable of handling future orders. ダイアログが始まると, Carl has already arrived at the factory and met Ingrid, who is ready to start the tour.


1) What time of day does Carl arrive for his tour?
2) What is the problem with the detergent production line?
3) What role does newspaper play in the production of detergent in this factory?

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5 「BEP」への思い 137 – 会社ツアー: 周辺の訪問者を表示する”

  1. This is very useful for my business students in China! I think I will also use this website more often in the future. Thanks so much!

    By the way, would you happen to have a transcript of the audio?

  2. Extremely useful!!!
    Business English sometimes can be very boring and no easy task to give a lecture on. I think this podcast saves me. lol. ありがとう!


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