BEP 78 – 社交: 政治について議論する

They say there’s one rule of conversation that you should always follow in businessdon’t talk about politics, sex or religion. Actually, しかしながら, it seems like 90% of casual conversations are about just those thingspolitics, sex and religion. So in this episode, we’ll be focusing on one of these topicspolitics. We’ll be learning some language that will help you cope with this difficult topic.

There’s a trick to talking about politics in business. In international business culture, it’s usually better not to express strong opinions. The focus is generally on the exchange of information rather than on debate, because the main goal is to maintain harmonious relations. しばしば, we state our opinions non-committally. That means we don’t commit ourselves to an opinion – 言い換えると, we don’t voice a strong view one way or the other. 代わりに, we prefer to be vague, or ambiguous. This strategy helps avoid conflict.

So in this podcast, in addition to covering some general phrases and vocabulary for discussing politics, we’ll be studying how to soften your questions and be non-committal when necessary.

We’ll be listening to Ricardo and Lars, old colleagues who have met each other again at an international conference. They’re talking about the political situations in their home countries, Brazil and Denmark.


1) Ricardo says he has heard that the Danish government is pretty far “正しい”, あれは, conservative. But Lars seems to think that this has a good side. それは何ですか?
2) Lars mentions that Brazil has won its bid to host the World Cup. Ricardo says that Brazil has a lot of work to do in which areas?
3) Lars talks about a certain kind of problem that hascropped up”, あれは, appeared or occurred during Brazilian President Lula’s presidency. それは何ですか?

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