BEP 21 – 電話をかける: 通話の開始とメッセージの取得

A new version of this lesson is available here: BEP 21 あ – 電話スキル: 通話を開始する

This is an intermediate level Business English Podcast on making telephone calls in English. Some of the key language phrases we cover in this episode are: 自分と発信者を識別する, 電話の目的を述べ、メッセージを残す.

These telephone calls are about a contract between a large aircraft company and one of its suppliers, also known as a subcontractor. The contracts department from the client is calling to ask about a proposal it is expecting from the supplier for a new contract. すべての提案を受け取るまでの時間は非常に短い, そして今のところ, 航空機会社はこのサプライヤーから何も受け取っていません.

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11 「BEP」への思い 21 – 電話をかける: 通話の開始とメッセージの取得”

  1. The podcast programs are great for both business English instructors and learners at appropriate levels. Thanks for this kind of global contribution to the network.
    I wonder if I could get transcripts about the podcasts.

  2. どうもありがとうございます. After practicing my telephone language and accent, i can make many office relationships.

  3. I really learnes a lot from these Telephoning calls. How to talk with people in an Professional way, and the new thing I learned that is helpful is the Telephone alphabet.


  4. I really appreciate your help as it ´s rather useful and interesting. I wonder if we can get the tapescript of listenings. 前もって感謝します.

  5. How can we download the transcript of BEP 21 電話をかける : Opening calls and taking messages.

  6. Can I download to i-pod BEP21 or previous contents? In the current situation, the number of programmes are limited.


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