BEP 335 – Inglese per discutere della gestione del cambiamento (1)

BEP 335 - English Collocations for Discussing Change Management (1)

Bentornato al Business English Pod per la lezione di oggi su Collocazioni inglesi for discussing change management.

Il cambiamento è una costante. Nowhere is this more true than in business. Just look at the list of Fortune 500 companies from 50 anni fa. You might be surprised by how many of those well-known companies are now gone. So what’s the difference between a company that survives and one that dies? A lot of it is about how they manage change.

In questa lezione, we’ll listen to a meeting featuring three colleagues who are trying to figure out how to restructure their company. Durante la discussione, you’ll hear lots of useful expressions that we callcollocations.And what is a collocation? BENE, it’s just a group of words that go together naturally. You heard me use the expressionrestructure a company.That’s a collocation. The words go together as one expression.

Native speakers learn collocations naturally. They simply repeat expressions that they’ve heard hundreds of times. If English is your second language, però, it might not come so automatically. Ma, by studying collocations, you can improve your vocabulary and sound more fluent at the same time. Mentre ascolti la conversazione di oggi, prova a sceglierne alcuni collocazioni in inglese commerciale e ne parleremo più avanti nel debriefing.

Nella finestra di dialogo, we’ll hear Jake, finlandese, and Lauren. The company they founded has grown, and now they need to carefully manage the transition to a larger company.

Domande sull'ascolto

1. What does Finn think is required to manage change in their company?
2. What does Lauren say is the first step in change management?
3. What does Jake believe is driving change in the company?

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