BEP 223 – Inglese finanziario: Discutere un budget (1)

Bentornato al Business English Pod per la lezione di oggi su vocabolario inglese finanziario and discussing a budget.

Budgets aren’t just for accountants. Almost everyone in business has to talk about money and how to spend it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager with a million dollar budget or a field tech just tracking your expenses. You’ll be talking about money and budgets.

Infatti, talk about budgets is everywhere. Turn on the news and it’s not hard to hear people discussing budget “cuts” or budget “reductions.” You can hear about governments with budget “deficits” and budget “surpluses.” Everyone’s worried about money, and in business, earning more often means spending less. These are the topics you’ll hear about today.

Prima di ascoltare, parliamo un po' di collocazioni. Una collocazione è un gruppo di parole che i madrelingua usano spesso insieme. Una collocazione corretta suona naturale, mentre una collocazione errata suona innaturale. Per esempio, in English we say “budget cuts” to talk about lower spending. But we can’t say “budget slices” or “budget chops,” even though “slice” and “chop” mean “cut.” Those simply aren’t natural expressions.

Ascolterai molte collocazioni utili nel dialogo di oggi. Mentre ascolti, prova a scegliere queste combinazioni naturali di parole. Poi spiegheremo cosa significano e come usarli nel debriefing.

You’re going to hear a conversation between two managers in the IT department of a large company and their boss. Kate and Harry are the managers, and Linda is the boss. They’re discussing the past year’s budget and how they spent their department’s money.

Domande sull'ascolto

1. What does Linda want to examine first?
2. What does Harry say about the large one-time cost the department had?
3. According to Linda, what is finance concerned about?

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