Anglais des affaires pour le téléphone

Apprenez l'anglais par téléphone avec des leçons d'anglais professionnel pour faire appels téléphoniques en anglais.

With lessons covering making and receiving phone calls in English, leaving messages, taking orders, and handling complaints, learners can develop the telephone English necessary to communicate effectively over the phone in English. These lessons on business English telephone skills are designed for anyone needing to make business phone calls in English, such as customer service representatives, salespeople, and managers. The practical scenarios and real-world situations provided ensure success in phone calls in English.

Our English for telephoning lessons are listed below with the latest lessons first.

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  1. I’m really enjoying your lessons.You’re great!!
    You know, my dream in life is reaching the point where I become a good speaker not like you but nearby.
    Donc, cheeeeeeeer me up by your great voices and your most powerful lessons in the world.
    my deepest respect.

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