Are you ready to kickstart your Business English? Do you need to use English in meetings, presentations or on the telephone? Do you want to communicate in English like a pro and get ahead in your career? Then check out our new Business English course: دورة Kickstart للغة الإنجليزية للأعمال

فيديو يوتيوب

Course Features

  • 20 lessons on meetings, العروض التقديمية & الاتصال الهاتفي
  • زيادة 5 hours of video lessons
  • Downloadable PDF & MP3 for each lesson
  • Progress quiz for each lesson
  • Course completion certificate
  • Mobile access using the Udemy app for Android & iOS
  • Includes lifetime access to the course & الدروس
  • Suitable for intermediate English learners (CEF B1-B2)

The Business English Kickstart course focuses on language and speaking techniques that you can put to use right away. You’ll improve your skills and confidence in three key areas: اجتماعات, العروض التقديمية, and telephoning.

The course builds from the basics up to the more advanced skills and language you need in real-life business situations. And it’s about more than just vocabulary. You’ll learn the phrases, structures, techniques, and special expressions that will take your English ability to the next level.

Each lesson starts off with a realistic dialog. التالي, نشرح ما قيل في الحوار خطوة بخطوة ونكشف عن اللغة والتقنيات المستخدمة من قبل المتحدثين الأصليين. في نهاية كل درس ، ستتاح لك الفرصة لممارسة اللغة والتقنيات بنفسك. لدينا الكثير من الموضوعات الرائعة, الكثير من اللهجات المختلفة, and lots of real-life business situations to help keep you motivated and learning throughout the course.

What’s the end result? You’ll understand the language we use in business and why we use it.

Business English Pod has helped thousands of learners succeed since 2006. You too can benefit from our years of experience, learning to face common business situations with confidence and skill. So whether you need English for meetings, المؤتمرات عن بعد, العروض التقديمية, or phone calls, look no further.

Listen, learn and practice. Enroll now and build better English skills for work and business.