BEP 307 – 项目管理英语 2: 启动大会 (2)

商务英语播客 307 - 项目管理英语 - 启动大会 2

欢迎回到商务英语播客今天的课程, which continues our look at a 项目启动会议.

Anyone who’s been involved with projects should know just how important it is to have good communication with a client. And good communication starts right at the beginning, at a project kickoff meeting. That’s when you’ll have the chance to make sure a client understands how you work and how the project should run.

在上一课中, we looked at some of the basics that you need to cover in your first project meeting. 今天, we’ll look at some more ways of increasing your chances of avoiding problems and ensuring that a project runs smoothly. 在很多情况下, it can be a good idea to actually bring up potential obstacles in your meeting. If you see something that might impact the timeline or the budget, you can let the client know about it. And that might mean that you have to educate the client about your work process.

When you educate a client about your development process, you might find yourself using too much technical language. But if you want the client to really understand, you might have to rephrase that information in simpler terms. 当然, you don’t want to focus too much on potential problems. And for that reason you should know how to redirect a discussion away from problems and toward other issues. 例如, you might need to ask the client for important information to get the project started.

在今天的对话中, we’ll rejoin Martin and Jill. Their company, 光学技术, is starting a new project to develop software for a logistics company. Martin and Jill are kicking off the project by holding a teleconference with Zara, the manager of the client company, 和利亚姆, 他们的IT经理. In this part of the dialog, Martin and Jill are making sure Zara and Liam understand potential obstacles and the development process.


1. What does Martin say is the cause of some potential obstacles?
2. What is Jill’s simple explanation of a technical idea that Zara didn’t understand?
3. When Martin redirects the discussion away from obstacles, what does he say he wants to discuss?

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BEP 306 – 项目管理英语 1: 启动大会 (1)

商务英语播客 306 - 项目管理英语 - 启动大会

Welcome back to Business English Pod for our new series on 项目管理英语. For our first lesson we’re going to look at a kickoff meeting at the start of a project.

Whether or not you’re a project manager, you surely know that every project is a unique and complex process. Seeing a project through to completion, on time and within budget, takes a huge range of people skills and business know-how. And sometimes during a big project it might feel like everything is working against successful completion.

But there are ways to minimize some of these challenges. This is particularly true at the beginning of a project when it’s important to make sure you get off to a good start. 一件事, you’ll need to meet with the client to make sure the ground rules of the project are clear. 否则, you’ll be dealing with confusion mid-project. Kicking off a project effectively also means outlining protocols, or important procedures, and explaining lines of communication. 毕竟, when a problem or challenge does arise, everyone should know exactly who to talk to and how to make the necessary changes.

The kickoff meeting is also a time for everyone to make their priorities clear. If you are the client and sticking to the timeline is more important than keeping to the budget, you should make that known right from the start. 当然, there may be competing priorities. And as a project manager, you may have to manage client expectations carefully, which might involve setting some conditions when you agree to something.

在今天的对话中, we’ll join Martin and Jill, who work for a software company called OptiTech. Their company is holding a teleconference to kick off a project to develop custom software for a logistics company that will help them manage and track shipments. Martin is the project manager, while Jill is the lead developer. On the call, we’ll also hear from Zara, a manager at the logistics company, 和利亚姆, 他们的IT经理. 一起, they are all trying to get the project off to a good start.


1. How does Martin say that Jill should deal with technical issues?
2. What does Zara emphasize as her company’s priority in the project?
3. Near the end of the conversation, what condition does Martin attach to the successful management of the timeline?

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维维 53 – 敏捷项目管理英语词汇

Youtube 视频

在本课中, 我们来看看 商务英语词汇 related to agile 项目管理 and the scrum framework of product development.

Scrum involves working in sprints, or short cycles, to develop a product rapidly. Key roles in scrum include the scrum master along with the product owner, as well as product teams, which create the product by working through the sprint backlog.

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BEP 293 – 实施计划的英语搭配 (2)

商务英语播客 293 - English Collocations for Discussing How to Implement a Plan 2

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 英语搭配 相关 implementing a plan.

Everyone knows that you have to plan for the future. But many “plans” are only that: they are just plans. But a plan is only useful if it leads to action. 要么, as a wise man once said: a plan without action is a dream wasted. In order to not waste that dream, we need to implement the plans we create.

在今天的课程中, we’ll hear a discussion about how to implement a marketing plan. And you’ll hear lots of common expressions we use when talking about implementation. These expressions are called “collocations,” which just means a set of words that usually go together. 例如, have you heard the expression “put something into action?” That’s a common collocation that means “to implement.” We don’t say “make something into action” or “activate something.” It’s always “put something into action.”

You can learn these natural combinations of words used by native speakers. Studying 英语搭配 will help you sound more natural and expand your active vocabulary. 当您收听今天的对话时, try to catch some of these collocations, and we’ll go over them later in the debrief.

在对话框中, we’ll rejoin Carlos, Viv, Byron, and Marion, who are discussing how to implement a marketing plan. In the last lesson, they talked about some of their online marketing activities. 今天, they’re going to talk about some other parts of the plan, including the timeline.


1. Why does Carlos mention that Marion is a strong writer?
2. What does Carlos say about the importance of the CRM?
3. What does Viv think about the timeline on the CRM activities?

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BEP 292 – 实施计划的英语搭配 (1)

商务英语播客 292 - 课程模块

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 英语搭配 related to implementing a plan.

在业务, good planning is important, whether you’re talking about a long-term strategy or a short-term project. But a plan itself means nothing without action. It’s not what you decide to do that matters, but what you actually do. And what you actually do with a plan is called “implementation.” Implementing a plan is all about deciding who will do what, and when they will do it.

在本课中, we’ll listen in on a meeting about how to implement a marketing plan. 在讨论中, you’ll hear lots of useful expressions that we call “collocations.” A collocation is a natural combination or group of words. 例如, I’ve already used the collocation “to implement a plan.” We don’t say “do a plan” or “activate a plan.” The natural expression is “to implement a plan.”

Native speakers use collocations like this automatically, and you can learn to use them as well. 通过学习 英语搭配, 您将改善词汇量,听起来更加流利. 当您听对话时, 尝试挑选一些搭配,我们将在稍后的汇报中讨论它们.

在对话框中, we’ll hear Carlos, Viv, Byron, and Marion. The small company they work for has just had a new marketing plan developed by a consulting company. Now they are meeting to figure out how to implement the plan.


1. Carlos asks for volunteers on one aspect of the plan. What exactly does he want the volunteers to do?
2. As there’s lot to do on the website, what does Byron need to do as the lead?
3. What is Carlos going to do in three weeks time?

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