BEP 321 – 项目管理 6: 启动用户测试

BEP 321 课程模块 - 项目管理英语 6: User Testing

欢迎回到 商务英语播客 今天的课程 项目管理英语 and launching user testing for a software project.

At the heart of every software project is the user. If the user finds the software confusing, or if it doesn’t do what the user needs it to do, what’s the point? 为此原因, user testing is an essential part of the development process.

User testing can involve a range of activities. You might watch how users interact with the software. You might track or monitor how they use it. And you might ask them for their opinions. 通过这种方式, you collect information and feedback that helps you create the best user experience possible. And just as the software itself needs to be user friendly, so does user testing. If people don’t have a clear idea of what they’re supposed to do during testing, you’ll be wasting an opportunity.

So when you launch testing, it’s important to outline what you’re going to be doing, and what kind of feedback you’re interested in. Because the software is new to the test users, you’ll need to give them clear instructions on how to use it and give them an overview of the main features. You might also find yourself emphasizing key points along the way. 毕竟, it’s much easier to make sure everyone understands upfront than to deal with confused users during testing.

在今天的对话中, 我们会听到吉尔, a developer with a software company called OptiTech. They’ve been developing software for a logistics company, and now they are ready to launch the first round of user testing. We’ll also hear Liam, 客户的IT经理, and Carla, one of the test users.


1. What does Jill say will be the final step in this test?
2. What three aspects of the software does this test focus on?
3. What does Jill emphasize is absolutely necessary for the drivers to do?

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BEP 305 – 商务英语搭配强调 2

商务英语播客 305 - 英语搭配强调 2

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 商务英语搭配 强调一点.

说一口流利的话不只是说正确. 这是关于选择有影响力的词语, 以及影响人们的思想和感受. 如果您学习优秀演讲者的习惯, 您会听到他们有效地使用强调. A great speaker won’t just say he “recommends” something. 代替, he might say he “strongly recommends” something. That word “strongly” triples the impact.

But how would you know that we say “strongly recommend” and not “heavily recommend” or “deeply recommend?” Well, “strongly recommend” is the natural combination of words that native speakers use. 这些自然的单词组合称为搭配. 搭配只是母语人士通常一起使用的两个或多个单词. 您可以学习强调的搭配,听起来更自然,并增强您所说内容的影响力.

在本课中, 我们将听取有关领导力主题的演讲的结尾. 玛丽亚正在总结她的要点. 在演讲期间,她使用多种搭配来强调自己的想法. 尝试挑选这些搭配, 我们稍后会在汇报中讨论它们.


1. 玛丽亚让听众想起一个人. 她要求他们考虑什么类型的人?
2. 玛丽亚说什么出色的演说没有行动的支持?
3. 玛丽亚如何看待人们对工作意义的追求?

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BEP 304 – 商务英语搭配强调 1

BEP 304 - 商务英语搭配强调 1

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 商务英语搭配 used to emphasize a point.

If you want to make an impact when you speak, you need to learn the importance of emphasis. 我的意思是, if sales increased, that’s great. But what if they increased a lot? Or you might be concerned about something, but what if you’re very concerned? “A lot” and “very” are used for emphasis. But you don’t want to only use “a lot” and “very.” If you use any word or expression too much, it will lose its impact.

在本课中, we’ll listen to the end of a presentation about the financial performance of an airline. The speaker is talking about what the company can expect to see in the coming year. And during the presentation, as well as during the question and answer session, the speakers give emphasis to their ideas using “collocations.”

A collocation is just a pair or group of words that go together naturally. 例如, instead of saying something “increased a lot,” you can say it “increased sharply.” The words “increase” and “sharply” often go together. And if you want to say you are “very concerned,” you can say “deeply concerned.” That’s a natural way of emphasizing the idea of being “concerned.”

Native speakers use these word combinations naturally. And if you want to sound natural, it’s a good idea to learn these collocations. 当您听对话时, try to pick out some of these collocations, 我们稍后会在汇报中讨论它们.

在对话框中, we’ll hear Leo, the presenter, talking about some of the key financial indicators the airline uses to track its performance. We’ll also hear two managers, Rita and Mike, ask questions at the end of the presentation.


1. What does Leo say the company has achieved in terms of costs?
2. How does Rita feel about the positive attitude concerning profits?
3. What does Leo say about non-fuel cost growth in their company, compared to other companies?

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技能专长 360 – 简报: 与观众交流 (2)

商务英语演讲 - Connecting to Your Audience (2)

欢迎回到 技能专长 360 for today’s lesson on how to connect with your audience while you’re actually delivering your presentation.

It’s easy to leave your connection with the audience to chance. 我的意思是, you might think that giving a presentation should be about conveying a message rather than “connecting” with your audience. But I assure you, whatever your message is, you’ll get it across with much greater success if you have a good connection with your audience. And that connection isn’t a chance occurrence. You have to work on it.

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技能专长 360 – 简报: 与观众交流 (1)

Business English for Connecting your Presentation to your Audience 1

欢迎回到 技能专长 360 for today’s lesson on how to connect with your audience during a presentation.

You’ve probably heard all sorts of advice about delivering a good 介绍. But at the end of the day, every single presentation strategy is designed for one thing: connecting with the audience. 事实上, if you don’t connect with your audience, you might as well pack up your PowerPoint and head home. You need to build a bridge to send your message across. No bridge, no message. And don’t think you need to be an easy-going extrovert to connect with an audience. This is something that you can learn to do well.

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