BEP 112 ADV – 议价: 入门

This is part of an ongoing series on negotiations. 在这个商务英语播客节目中, we’ll study how to open a traditional commercial negotiation between buyer and seller. We’ll focus on creating goodwill, 开始, setting ground rules, suggesting an agenda and exploring possibilities.

We’ll be listening to a telephone conversation between Tony, a supplier of building materials, 和保罗, a purchasing manager for a large construction company in Canada. Paul is buying materials for a harbor project. A harbor is a protected area of water where boats dock, or park. For this project, Paul needs to buy anchor bolts. These bolts are the thick steel screws that are embedded or buried in concrete to support or anchor structural steel columns. Structural columns refer to the steel frameworks that hold buildings up.

BEP 111 ADV – 议价: 建立关系

This Business English Podcast episode on relationship building is part of an ongoing series on negotiation skills.

In negotiation, establishing a good relationship based on trust makes it possible to jointly search for creative solutions, to overcome blockage and even to turn conflict into a productive force.

Both Peter and Maxine are owners of local telecommunication services that provide mobile phone users with ring tones and games. Peter’s company, Textacular, has a significant presence in Denmark; meanwhile, Maxine’s company, Gamester, is based in northern Germany.

BEP 99 ADV – 谈判中: 谈判策略 (部分 2)

This is the second in a two-part advanced business English lesson on negotiation strategy. It is part of a longer series of podcasts on the language and skills of negotiating in English.

In the first episode, management consultant Bryan Fields discussed the basics of making a deal. We learned how to avoid some top common mistakes and we reviewed important vocabulary, such as BATNA, bottom line, bargaining chip, win-win, and zone of possible agreement.

BEP 98 ADV – 谈判中: 谈判策略 (部分 1)

This is the beginning of a new Business English Podcast series on the skills and language of negotiating in English.

Over the coming months we’ll explore the topic in a series of podcasts that examine several typical business negotiations and the language used in each stage of the process.