Skills 360 – 顶部 10 Business English Skills (1)

欢迎回到 Skills 360. 很高兴回来观看 Business English Pod 的新一季播客.

对于今天的课程, we’re going to take a look at 10 每个成功的商业领袖都需要的关键技能或特征. 你以前可能听说过这样的清单, 但我想做一些不同的事情. 我已经将这些关键技能与您每天都可以使用的简单但有力的单词或短语相匹配. 在业务, 竞争很激烈, 你想要你能得到的每一个优势, 对? 那么让我们来看看如何让你的腿站起来.

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7 thoughts on “Skills 360 – 顶部 10 Business English Skills (1)”

  1. You are doing a very good job helping us to improve our busisness english. I am really gald to have this great material of study. keep the good job

  2. This lesson is really great.
    I’d pay for the 6 months even for audio and transcripts only.

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