BEP 181 – 处理危机 3: 获得观点

这是我们的第三 商务英语播客 处理危机系列. 在危机的第一部分, 可能会有很多混乱和活动. 但是如果你通过那部分就可以了, 接下来是什么?

在关键阶段之后的某个时刻, 人们将聚在一起重新评估情况. 团队合作很重要. 人们需要共同努力以应对危机. 如果没有, 如果他们不同意并尝试朝不同的方向前进, 这对公司不利. 团结是绝对必要的. 需要良好的领导才能尽早建立这种团结, 但是要保持良好的团队合作精神.

在上一课中, 我们听到生产工程师Mike与新加坡通信副总裁交谈, 莫妮卡. 她从迈克那里获得了有关事故的一些信息,并制定了沟通计划. 那仍然是危机的关键阶段.

在这一集, 在关键阶段之后,我们将听电话会议. 现在该考虑发生了什么并重新评估情况. 我们会听到迈克和莫妮卡, 以及美国老板弗兰克(Frank), 桑迪工厂经理, 还有一个叫西蒙妮的律师. 让他们倾听他们试图获得对危机的看法并弄清楚他们到目前为止如何处理局势.


1. Why does Mike say “sorry” to Simone?
2. Monika想在讨论中重点关注什么?
3. 桑迪对西蒙妮的担忧有何看法?

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4 thoughts on “BEP 181 – 处理危机 3: 获得观点”

  1. This lesson is even useful to native speakers who are working in business! We could all use a little crisis management help from time to time! Thanks for another good lesson.

  2. Really useful for business professionals or business students needing to practise their English. Great examples!

  3. I have found this lesson very difficult in a sense. I mean the words are simple and sentences are also straight forward. However it is very hard for me to follow the flow of the logic.
    尤其, I have no idea what Monica meant when she saidI don’t think this is the right time to be pointing fingers.
    If I heard this phrase in this situation, I would imagine that Mike is accusing Monica or somebody else on the causes of the incident or messes of the aftermath. But I can hardly hear that Mike is doing something like that. Mike simply tried to clarify what Monica meant, in my view. Hence I cannot see any basis for Monica’s accusation. Who and what exactly does Monica believe


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