VV 15 – 金融英语: 通用破产

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对于我们的两部分的最后一课 商务英语词汇 系列上 金融英语词汇 与破产有关, 我们将要看通用汽车即将出版的章节 11 备案. 通用汽车提出的破产申请将成为美国第三大破产企业. 历史.

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1 thought on “VV 15 – 金融英语: 通用破产”

  1. You guys are amazing. You really make a big difference by showing such interacting videos which I follow delighfully.
    I am completely amazed at how precise the explanations are it really works on this way can be easily born in everyone´s minds. 恭喜!!!!!

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