5 thoughts on “CT 05 – ING感测动词”

  1. Great teacher.
    Scuse me, I’m trying to download the videos (I have 3 codecs, MPClassic and VLC), but it’s not working at all!
    I have the icone of Adobe flash player, even after clicking in INSTALL nothing happen! There is someone who could help me out there? 我将非常感激!

  2. @Darci,
    All our videos are published in M4V format (so they work on iPods). You might try using Apple’s free Quicktime program or a current version of WMP. M4V will work fine in both these players.

  3. My computer runs through Windows Vista and Media Player.
    Could you suggest any converter into mp4 for videos?


  4. ESL 商务英语播客

    The simplest solution is to just change the file extension of the video from .M4V to .MP4, IE. CT05-Sense_Verbs.MP4 . This method requires no conversion.


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