ET 04 – 商务写作: 内部坏消息

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在这集 电子邮件调整 我们正在看珍妮的一封电子邮件, 负责公司IT服务的人. 她已经写了电子邮件给同事一些坏消息: 办公室电子邮件服务器将是 “下” 由于技术问题. 服务器何时运行 “下”, 这意味着服务器由于问题而已脱机进行维护.

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4 thoughts on “ET 04 – 商务写作: 内部坏消息”

  1. Email Tune-up is a great series!

    I’m an English teacher from São Paulo, Brazil and I’m teaching an online workshop on this topic next January. I’m certainly going to recommend these videos to my students!

    Keep up with the great work!

  2. Expect to see more episodes of Email Tune-up in the New Year. We’ll also launch a new channel next year featuring Email Tune-up and a new series of email ‘how-tos’.


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