VV 09 会计英语 – 基本词汇

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视频词汇 是一系列英语视频,解释与日常业务对话中涉及的许多主题相关的重要业务术语的含义.

今天,我们正在研究与财务和会计相关的基本词汇. 首先,我们将听一段简短的介绍词汇的文章. 然后,我们将详细讨论每个单词, 加上一些例句来说明如何使用这些单词. 视频结束时,您将有机会复习和练习新词汇.

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8 thoughts on “VV 09 会计英语 – 基本词汇”

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  2. Dear Sir and madam:
    thanks alot for your great vedio vo cub it was very usful
    iam really needed, so i hope you are succeful all in your life.

  3. loved the videos! I saw one I follow with others are very interesting thanks!
    I follow your podcast, porfi upload more!


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