925 Lekcja angielskiego 32 – Jak uogólniać w języku angielskim

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W dzisiejszym 925 Angielski film lekcja, we’re going to learn how to make generalizations in English.

Don’t you hate it when people say things like “Americans are rude?” mam na myśli, not all Americans are rude. And people in other countries are rude too. It’s simply not helpful to say something is true of a whole group of people. When it’s negative like that, it feels wrong.

But it can be helpful to describe a group of people, as long as we are clear that it’s not everyone we’re talking about. We call this a “generalization.” Na przykład, “many of my friends work in finance.I’m making a generalization about my friends. And it doesn’t have to be people. If I say “most of our online sales come from Europe,” I’m generalizing about sales.

925 Angielski film lekcje dla początkujących (Poziom CEFR A2). Z 925 English videos you can learn angielski biznesowy frazy do pracy.

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