BEP 292 – Angielskie kolokacje dla realizacji planu (1)

Business English Pod 292 - Moduł lekcji

Witamy ponownie w Business English Pod na dzisiejszą lekcję Angielskie kolokacje related to implementing a plan.

W biznesie, good planning is important, whether you’re talking about a long-term strategy or a short-term project. But a plan itself means nothing without action. It’s not what you decide to do that matters, but what you actually do. And what you actually do with a plan is called “implementation.” Implementing a plan is all about deciding who will do what, and when they will do it.

W tej lekcji, we’ll listen in on a meeting about how to implement a marketing plan. Podczas dyskusji, you’ll hear lots of useful expressions that we call “collocations.” A collocation is a natural combination or group of words. Na przykład, I’ve already used the collocation “to implement a plan.” We don’t say “do a plan” or “activate a plan.” The natural expression is “to implement a plan.”

Native speakers use collocations like this automatically, and you can learn to use them as well. By studying Angielskie kolokacje, poprawisz swoje słownictwo i będziesz mówić płynniej. Podczas słuchania okna dialogowego, spróbuj wybrać niektóre z tych kolokacji, a omówimy je później w podsumowaniu.

W oknie dialogowym, we’ll hear Carlos, Viv, Byron, and Marion. The small company they work for has just had a new marketing plan developed by a consulting company. Now they are meeting to figure out how to implement the plan.

Pytania dotyczące słuchania

1. Carlos asks for volunteers on one aspect of the plan. What exactly does he want the volunteers to do?
2. As there’s lot to do on the website, what does Byron need to do as the lead?
3. What is Carlos going to do in three weeks time?

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