BEP 99 – Negocjowanie: Strategia negocjacyjna (Część 2)

This is the second in a two-part advanced business English lesson on negotiation strategy. It is part of a longer series of podcasts on the language and skills of negotiating in English.

W pierwszym odcinku, management consultant Bryan Fields discussed the basics of making a deal. We learned how to avoid some top common mistakes and we reviewed important vocabulary, such as BATNA, bottom line, bargaining chip, wygrana-wygrana, and zone of possible agreement.

Today’s podcast continues the interview with Bryan. W oknie dialogowym, we’ll learn five important elements of strategy – przyjęcia, zainteresowania, value, power and ethics. And along the way we’ll study useful vocabulary and idioms.

Pytania do słuchania

1) What is the interviewer talking about when he refers to atrap?”
2) How does Bryan say we should think about interests?
3) In the interview, we learn that overcoming blockage – to jest, getting past problemsis not just about reaching the agreement but also about maximizing what?

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1 pomyślałem o „BEP 99 – Negocjowanie: Strategia negocjacyjna (Część 2)”

  1. 1. It is very important to recognize who is the real party for negotiation or decision maker.

    2. Interest is considering the other partty’s benefit.

    3. Not merely for money but gains or benefits. 1+1 is more than 2. We need creating idea to make synergy effect and have to maximize joint value.

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