BEP 123 ADV – 협상: 거래 마감

In the concluding episode of our Business English Podcast series on negotiating in English, 거래 마감을 살펴 보겠습니다.

Success! The hard work of negotiation has paid off. You’ve reached agreement. Now it’s time to close the deal. 이 에피소드에서, we’ll study skills and language for the final stage of the discussion. 특히, we’ll focus on summarizing details, tying up loose ends, reinforcing the relationship and adopting a positive style. We’ll see that the end of talks presents a great opportunity to build stronger partnerships.

BEP 122 ADV – 협상: 막힘 극복

In this episode of our ongoing Business English Podcast series on business negotiations in English, we will discuss how to overcome blockage in a negotiation.

Usually we think of blockage in terms of stumbling blocks, or obstacles, to agreement. But blockage can also be any impediment to creating maximum value. 다시 말해, we’re not only interested in removing obstacles to a deal but also in removing obstacles to a better deal. Doing this successfully often requires thinking outside the box, 그건, thinking creatively.

So in this episode, we’ll study overcoming barriers. 특히, we’ll focus on identifying stumbling blocks, exploring alternatives, and moving towards agreement.

BEP 121 ADV – 협상: 교섭

이번 비즈니스 영어 팟캐스트 에피소드에서, we’ll study the skills and language of bargaining. This podcast is part of an ongoing series on negotiation skills.

Bargaining is the process of swapping or trading concessionsin other words, “You give me something, and I’ll give you something in return.This is also called making offers and counter-offers. The goal is to reach a compromisea result in which both sides benefit.

BEP 118 ADV – 협상: 영업권을 유지하면서 제안 거절

Negotiations don’t always go according to plan. Disagreement is part of life. But to build lasting relationships, coping with failure is even more important than celebrating success. So in this show, we’ll examine a deal that does not get completed. We’ll look at making a final offer as well as expressing dissatisfaction and regret. 특히, we’ll focus on maintaining goodwill even when talks break down.

BEP 117 ADV – 협상: 직책을 명확히하고 평가하기

In this Business English Pod lesson we’re going to look at how to clarify and evaluate positions during a negotiation.

An important part of any discussion is making our position clear; at the same time, we must make sure we understand the other side’s point of view. Achieving mutual understanding can help us save money by avoiding missed opportunities. 게다가, the ultimate goal of any negotiation is to create value. Therefore, evaluationdetermining whether an offer or position is good or badplays an important role. So in this show we’ll study stating, 명확히, and evaluating positions.

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