BEP 346 – 영어 세일즈 콜 로케이션 (부분 1)

BEP 346 LESSON - Business English Sales Collocations (Part 1)

Hello and welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on 영어 배치 판매와 관련된.

Sales is at the heart of any business. Without the hard work of salespeople who move prospects down the funnel, turning interest into sales, no business would even exist. But the game of sales is constantly changing. Good salespeople, and good companies, learn to adapt to changes in the marketplace, in consumer preferences, and in the competition.

이번 강의에서는, we’ll listen in on a sales team meeting in a pharmaceutical company. The team is discussing past performance and future strategy. 그들의 토론 중에, they use many expressions that we callcollocations.A collocation is just a natural combination of words that native speakers learn as one expression. 예를 들어, the first collocation you’ll hear issales volume,” which refers to the number of units sold in a given period of time.

영어 원어민은 자동으로 이와 같은 연어를 사용합니다.. And people in a certain field of work share an understanding of these special expressions specific to their area. By studying these collocations in different fields, 당신은 당신의 어휘를 향상시키고 더 유창하게 들릴 것입니다. 대화를 들으면서, 이들 중 일부를 골라보십시오 영어 배치 나중에보고에서 논의 할 것입니다..

대화 상자에서, we’ll hear Fran, 거스, 그리고 닉. Fran is the sales manager, and she’s just finished talking about the past year’s sales results. Now she wants to talk about reasons for their disappointing results and strategies for improving them. The three colleagues use many 판매 영어 collocations and vocabulary specific to the pharmaceutical industry.

듣기 질문

1. What is the group hoping to increase or improve by discussing sales performance and strategy?
2. What does Fran believe is the reason for a reasonably good third quarter?
3. What have better sales analytics helped the company understand?

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