BEP 147 – 급여 인상을 요청하는 방법 (1)

This is the first of a two-part Business English Pod series on how to ask for a pay raise.

Asking for a pay raise makes many people uncomfortable, but it’s most definitely to our benefit to make the effort.

Getting a raise is more than just asking, though. Before the discussion can start, you need to prepare. Make a list of your achievements and quantify them with numbers and examples, if you can. It’s also helpful to get an idea of how your compensation compares to industry averages. You can easily find this information online or at the library. Remember that there can be more to compensation than salary, like health insurance, retirement plans, and stock options.

오늘, we’ll listen as Ryan, a salesman at an industrial supply company called Pylon, discusses his salary with Jacob, his boss. Ryan would like a pay raise, but first, he needs to show Jacob why he deserves one. Notice how Ryan has thoroughly prepared for this meeting and is able to provide specific examples to support his case.

듣기 질문

1. Is Ryan is happy with his job? What reasons does he give?
2. Why is Ryan’s relationship with Alliance Builders important?
3. What is the difference in the pay structure for web design and sales work differ?

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3 “BEP에 대한 생각 147 – 급여 인상을 요청하는 방법 (1)”

  1. 친애하는 이여,
    I don’t understand the meaning of “(solid) leadsin the conversation between Ryan and Jacob in this lesson. Could you explain more about it?

    문안 인사, Makoto

  2. @ Mako,
    ‘Solidin this context is being used idiomatically to mean ‘goodor leads that have good potential to generate sales. This usage of ‘solidis quite common, 예 :. ‘The company has a solid reputation.

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