BEP 95 ADV – 통신: 갈등 해결 (부품 2)

이것은 두 부분으로 된 두 번째입니다. 비즈니스 영어 팟 캐스트 lesson on resolving conflict, in which we’ve been focusing on solving everyday disagreements in the office. Ben, a new training specialist at a manufacturing company, feels that he is doing an unfair share (그건, too much) of the work in his department. Gerry, Ben’s manager, talks with him to solve the problem.

In the first episode, we studied how Gerry opened the discussion in an informal, non-threatening way, and we looked at how he listened actively to Ben to win his trust.

이 에피소드에서, we’ll pay attention to how Gerry and Ben work together to come up with a solution. 특히, we’ll focus on how they state common goals, raise concerns, and agree action.

Where we left off last time, Gerry had just asked a question to resolve the conflict: Gerry wants to know what Ben would suggest doing to fix the situation.

듣기 질문:
1) What solution does Ben propose?
2) In which area does Ben feel he could make a real contribution?
3) What action do Ben and Gerry agree on?

프리미엄 회원: 연구 노트 | 온라인 연습 | 문구

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