BEP 22 – 전화: 문의 및 기술 문제 처리

In this Business English Podcast lesson we continue our series on making telephone calls in English by looking at how to deal with technical problems and clarify information using alternative choice questions. This questioning technique is useful when you need to clarify important information or reach a decision.

프리미엄 회원: 연구 노트

8 thoughts on “BEP 22 – 전화: 문의 및 기술 문제 처리”

  1. What does George say afterthe radios are to be shipped you in one shipment after all”¦.”? I tried to catch that over and over again, but I couldn’t. Thank you.

  2. This is awe-fully awesome!
    I need to know what he says between 3:32 과 3:33.
    내말은, right after he says, “Ok, 권리. X as in X-ray, V as in Victor, 9582

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