BEP 102 – 프레젠테이션: 아이디어 연결

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In this Business English podcast we look at the language of signposting.

Signposting is informing listeners about what is to be presented in a presentation, and constantly informing listeners as to where they are during that presentation. The termsignpostingcomes from signs posted on street corners, which tell travelers where they are and where they are going.

대화 상자에서, we’ll hear the middle of a presentation about sales performance. As you, listen focus on the phrases the presenter uses to signpost the structure of his talk.

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5 thoughts on “BEP 102 – 프레젠테이션: 아이디어 연결”

  1. i aggre with Rosa, besides listening the best learning technique is Reading. so if you publish the transcription, i pray to you so much. thx

  2. Thanks for giving a so useful tool for improving my language skills.
    A suggestion: increasing the part for repeating phrases and expressions.

  3. Thanks for your comments Alberto,

    We’ve had quite a bit of debate over how much space we should put between the example phrases so users can listen and repeat.

    In the end we came up with this: 문구

    The PhraseCasts will be special podcasts featuring just the example phrases from each episode and we’ll increase the space between each phrase to leave plenty of time for users to practice the language.

    The Phrasecasts will be available to users who sign up for our new Premium Members service, which will also feature the transcripts for each episode.

    You can sign up for a 25% discount on premium memberships by registering with BEP at:

    The premium members area on BEP will launch in mid-February (NO more delays!)

    베드로 –

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