VV 28 – 金融英語語彙: 絆 (1)

Bonds have been a hot topic in the news recently. But what exactly are bonds and how do they work?

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これで 金融英語 レッスン, we’ll explain some of the main ideas and vocabulary, starting with key terms such as yields, coupons, と成熟度. Then we’ll get into different types of bonds. And finally we’ll look at how governments use bonds to finance their borrowing needs.

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ベン 13 – ユーロ危機

BEN Eurozone Crisis

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The eurozone was thrown into renewed crisis this month as EU leaders struggled to agree on new stability measures.

As reported by the Guardian, “A world recession has drawn closer after the G20 summit failed to agree to fresh financial help for distressed countries and debt-ridden Italy was forced to agree to IMF monitoring of its austerity program.