BEP 125 – Viaggia inglese: Noleggiare un'auto

Business travelers can’t always get where they need to go by catching a plane or taking a taxi. Sometimes we need our own means of transport, and that usually means renting a car. Così, in this Podcast ESL we’ll cover language you can use when choosing a car, discussing features and clarifying insurance options.

Nell'ultimo episodio (BEP 124 – Checking our of a Hotel), we met Honesto Salvador and Alan Chan, who have just finished attending a training program sponsored by their company in Boston. They’ve just arrived now at Logan Airport, where they need to rent a car for their upcoming trip to New Haven.

Mentre ascolti, pay attention to the language they use to ask about vehicle types, standard features, extras and insurance options.

Domande d'ascolto

1. What kind of car would Honesto prefer?
2. What features are standard on all Beevis cars?
3. Why does Honesto not need extra insurance?

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