BEP 125 INT – Viaggio: Noleggiare un'auto

Business travelers can’t always get where they need to go by catching a plane or taking a taxi. Sometimes we need our own means of transport, and that usually means renting a car. Così, in this Podcast ESL we’ll cover language you can use when choosing a car, discussing features and clarifying insurance options.

Nell'ultimo episodio (BEP 124 – Checking our of a Hotel), we met Honesto Salvador and Alan Chan, who have just finished attending a training program sponsored by their company in Boston. They’ve just arrived now at Logan Airport, where they need to rent a car for their upcoming trip to New Haven.

Mentre ascolti, pay attention to the language they use to ask about vehicle types, standard features, extras and insurance options.

Domande d'ascolto:

1. What kind of car would Honesto prefer?
2. What features are standard on all Beevis cars?
3. Why does Honesto not need extra insurance?

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