925 Anglais – Leçon 3: Comment poursuivre une conversation

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In our last 925 leçon d'anglais, we had a look at how to start a conversation en anglais. Dans cette leçon, we’re going to learn how to keep a conversation going and how to end it.

There’s no point in striking up conversation with someone if you can’t keep it going. Mais qu'est-ce que cela implique? je veux dire, it’s more than just asking and answering questions, droite? Donc, what kinds of things can we say or do to make the conversation flow naturally? Bien, one important way that we keep a conversation going is by showing interest in what someone says. Besides learning how to keep a conversation going, we’ll also look at language for showing interest, changing the topic and ending the conversation.

925 Anglais will be a new business English podcast for beginner and intermediate learners. 925 English lessons will focus on chunks of language and English expressions that you can use in work and business. Chaque 925 English lesson will feature English phrases you can use in different situations and advice on why and how we use them in Anglais des affaires.

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