Fähigkeiten 360 – Umgang mit Kritik (Teil 1)

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Fähigkeiten 360 - Umgang mit Kritik 1

Willkommen zurück im Fähigkeiten 360 für die heutige Lektion im Umgang mit Kritik.

Criticism is something we all have to face. During a performance review, we have to listen as our boss criticizes our work. In meetings, people criticize our ideas. And every day we might hear people criticize us in the staff room and over the phone. We might also hear praise in these situations, but more often than not it’s the sting of criticism that lingers. And let’s face it: hearing people criticize our work, or criticize us, is never really easy.

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  1. Gut gemacht, my friends. I’m sure that I will improve my English. I’m Premium User and all of my colleagues must be an effort to take this membership. My best platform to study advanced English.

    Vielen Dank, Business-Englisch-Pod :-)


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