BEP 289 – 英语面试技巧 1: 谈论经验

BEP 289 - 面试英语: 讨论以前的经验

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on talking about your work experience during a job interview in English.

一个 interview in english might just be one of the most stressful experiences in our working lives. 赌注很高, because there’s a job on the line. And it’s our one and only shot to show people why they should choose us over all the other applicants.

So how do you convince someone you’re the best candidate? 出色地, you need to answer their questions, 当然. But you also need to look behind the questions to see what the interviewer is trying to learn about you. And you need to take the questions as opportunities to impress.

幸好, there are techniques and language you can learn to help you make a great impression. You can highlight transferable learning from your previous experience. You can also highlight accomplishments and their impact as well as describing your personality. 最后, you can show why you want to work for the company. 在今天的课程中, we’ll learn how to use these techniques in a job interview.

在对话框中, you’ll hear Ryan, who’s 英语面试 for a job at a large software company. Two managers from the companySandra and Victorare asking questions about Ryan’s experience and personality.


1. What does Ryan say he learned at his previous job?
2. Ryan describes one of his accomplishments. What does he say was the impact of that accomplishment?
3. How does Ryan describe his own personality?

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BEP 22c – 电话英语: 进行查询

Business English for Telephoning BEP 22c - 进行查询

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on how to make an enquiry on the 英文电话. Making an enquiry means that you want to ask a question, or questions, to get information.

Getting information over the telephone in English can be challenging! You need to be very clear about what you need, and sometimes you need to ask the other person for clarification when you can’t hear or don’t understand. If information isn’t correct, or if it’s misunderstood, there could be big trouble. So it’s important that you learn good ways of making telephone enquiries.

What do you actually do when you make an enquiry? 出色地, 开始, you will want to ask for information. That could simply mean telling the other person what you want to know more about. Sometimes you might also use an alternative choice question, 喜欢 “is it A or is it B?” Giving limited options like that can help make things clear.

现在, what if you can’t hear the other person correctly? 出色地, you might have to use an expression likesorry, what did you say?” to get the other person to repeat himself. And sometimes a word or abbreviation might not be clear and you might have to spell it out, letter by letter. All of these are ways of making sure your enquiry and the information is clear.

在今天的对话中, we’ll hear George, who works for a company called Airtronics. George’s company is writing a proposal to make radios for an aircraft company called Cyclops. George is talking to Simon at Cyclops Aircraft to get some information he needs for his proposal. The telephone connection isn’t always clear, which creates some difficulty in the call.


1. George asks Simon about “shipping,” or delivering the radios. What are the two choices George gives Simon about shipping?
2. At one point, George can’t hear what Simon says. How does George ask Simon to repeat himself?
3. Simon uses two words to make it clear to George that he means “XV.” What are the two words?

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BEP 274 – 英语表达技巧 1: 入门

BEP 274 - Business English Presentation Skills 1

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on getting your 英文介绍 off to a good start.

We all know a skilled presenter when we see one. It’s a person who catches our interest right away and connects with the audience. He gives us the information we need without droning on and putting us to sleep. He’s clear about his purpose, he’s organized, and he answers our questions.

But most skilled presenters weren’t born with those skills. They learned to be good presenters. And you can learn the same skills in order to inform, persuade, or motivate any audience. 在今天的 英文介绍 课, we’ll take a closer look at some great techniques you can use at the start of a presentation. We’ll learn how to get started, build rapport with the audience, and introduce a single key idea that can run throughout your presentation. We’ll also cover how to state your purpose and headline your key ideas.

当然, your approach to a presentation might be different depending on your audience. So today we will hear two short dialogs from the start of two different 英文演讲. 在第一, we’ll hear a recruiter named Nick, who works for a medical supplies company. He’s giving a presentation to a group of potential recruits at a university. 在第二个对话框中, we’ll hear a finance manager named Diane giving an internal presentation about her company’s third quarter financial statements.


1. What question does Nick ask his audience at the start of his presentation?
2. What is the key idea that Nick says his company is all about?
3. What does Diane say is the purpose of her presentation?

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技能专长 360 – 9 改善商务英语的技巧 (部分 1)

技能专长 360 - 9 改善商务英语的技巧 1

欢迎回到 技能专长 360 for today’s lesson on some quick and easy hacks you can use to improve your 商务英语.

Business is all about relationships, and relationships are founded on good communication. And while English may seem like a difficult language, being a great communicator and connecting with people isn’t rocket science. You can learn just a few techniques that will take your business English skills to the next level. And I’m not talking about learning a thousand new words or some obscure rules of grammar. The tips I want to give you are fully within your grasp right now.

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BEP 253 – 会议英语: 决策会议 (1)

商务英语会议 - 做出决定 1

欢迎回到Business English Pod,参加今天的决策课程 英文会议.

商业上的成功取决于做出正确的决定. 但是,做出正确的决定不只是个人技能. 这是一项小组技巧. 几个人聚在一起讨论一个问题, 探索选择, 并决定走哪条路. 有好的信息, 良好的决策过程, 和良好的会议技巧, 参与者应该能够做出最佳决定.

那么什么样的技能可能对决策会议有用? 今天,我们将探讨诸如制定决策之类的技术, 邀请讨论, 和参考标准. 我们还将介绍提出疑虑并要求更多信息.

在对话框中, 我们会听到工程公司的一群人试图决定聘请一家技术支持公司. 史考特, 作为高级合伙人, 正在主持会议, 当安妮(Anne)和大卫(David)和凯利(Kelly)参加时. 该小组讨论他们的选择,以便找出最适合雇用的公司.


1. 斯科特说的是他们必须回答的基本问题?
2. 凯利在讨论中提出了什么考虑?
3. David想知道哪些有关City Tech的信息?

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