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bugünkü 925 İngilizce video ders, we’re going to learn how to talk about possibility in English.

What do I mean bypossibility?” I mean answering questions like: will the stock market go up? Will you get that job you applied for? Will your manager be in a good mood today? Maybe? Probably? Or probably not? This is how we talk about possibility.

Let’s start withprobably.That means you are pretty sure something will happen. You’re not certain. It’s not 100%. But you can say you’re fairly certain that something will happen. That’s like saying it’s 80 veya 90 percent. Another way of saying the same thing isthere’s a really good chance.” Bu durumda, “chancedoesn’t mean opportunity. It means probability.

925 English is a course of English video lessons yeni başlayanlar için (CEFR düzeyi A2) İngilizce öğrenenler. İle 925 English video lessons you can learn business English expressions to use in work and business.

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