BEP 378 – Video konferanslar: Çevrimiçi Sunum (1)

BEP 378 - Video konferanslar: Çevrimiçi Sunum 1 - Getting Off to a Good Start

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on videoconferences and presenting online. Today, we’re going to focus on how to get your presentation off to a good start.

Video konferanslar are now a normal, everyday part of business life. And people have had to develop a new set of skills for this new reality. Consider giving a presentation online. It definitely brings some new challenges, especially technical ones. But virtual presentations also require many of the same skills as presenting in-person.

Örneğin, you still need to be engaging and confident, especially at the start as you get people excited about your sunum. And besides getting them excited, you need to help them understand. So outlining your presentation clearly is also a good idea.

Now, how can you present information and data in a way that keeps your listeners engaged? Kuyu, for one thing, you can talk about your own experience. And you can also relate the information to your listeners’ experience. That will help your presentation connect with your audience. Ve sonunda, one technical skill that you’ll need in the virtual format is sharing your screen.

Bugünkü diyalogda, we’ll listen to part of an online presentation given by Adam, who works as a business consultant. He’s presenting on the topic of sales to several colleagues, including Chris, Nancy, and his boss Heather. We’ll hear how Adam begins his online presentation.

Dinleme Soruları

1. What is the last thing Adam will do in his presentation, according to his outline?
2. What experience does Adam talk about to ground his presentation?
3. What information does Adam present on his shared screen?

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  1. From this lesson, I gained a substantial amount of knowledge on grounding our presentation and effectively engaging with the audience.

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