VV 09 & 10 – Słownictwo księgowe

Podstawowe zrozumienie wspólnego warunki finansowe i rachunkowe oraz słownictwo angielskie jest niezbędny dla wszystkich zaangażowanych w handel światowy. W tych obsadach wideo z naszej serii Video Vocab, wyjaśniamy znaczenie 20 kluczowe warunki rachunkowości oraz przykłady wykorzystania słownictwa w języku angielskim.

Kliknij poniższe łącza, aby uzyskać dostęp do zasobów lekcji:

Lesson Content: VV 09 Video | VV 10 Video | Study Notes PDF | Online Quizzes

22 thoughts on “VV 09 & 10 – Słownictwo księgowe”

  1. This is excelent !!!, just depend of us to be disciplined student.

    Thank all of you.

  2. Thank you for sharing this great lesson for free. I teach in-company and this material came in at the right moment.

  3. Jesus Lozano Carrera

    Its look great, are you sure we can get all this stuf overseas, in spain?? dzięki

  4. i want express a great thanks to all the team of business english pod.
    you are very professional team.

  5. This is a fantastic website. Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me to listen to it.

  6. Thanks, it an extremelly useful material concerning business English. Very well explained and tested.
    Clauceni Pinto.

  7. Much simpler definitions of the vocabulary than a dictionary making it easier to understand.

  8. i am quite impressed by the effeciency of the lessons, it could be really great if there was a smilar website for the italian language, i would be gratefull if somebody can give me an information thanks in advance

  9. The different lesson are useful !
    Good exercise to learn how to understand the specificity of english in speech.

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