BEP 217 – Internal Job Interview in English (2)

BEP 217 - Job-Interview English: Internal Interviews 2

This is the second part of our Business English Pod lesson on internal rozmowa kwalifikacyjna angielski.

Let’s think about the purpose of an interview for a second. For the company that’s hiring, the interview lets them find out more about the candidates. Who are they? How do they communicate? What can they contribute to the company? For the people applying for the position, it’s a chance to show their personality. They can build on what appears on their resume, emphasizing important accomplishments and abilities. All this may seem obvious, but the important thing to remember is that this is a competition.

Many people, one position. So part of your purpose is to show why you’re better than the other applicants. And when you’re applying within the company you already work for, you may have an advantage. You know more about the company, and they know more about you.

In an internal interview, you need to use this advantage properly. You’ll hear some of the same questions as other applicants, but you may be able to respond with better answers. W tej lekcji, we’ll learn some of these ways of responding. This will include techniques such outlining your strategic vision, showing loyalty, and showing leadership. It will also include disagreeing politely and talking about career goals.

W oknie dialogowym, we will rejoin Graham, Seth, i Michelle, who work in a software company called BitSoft. Seth and Michelle are interviewing Graham for a managerial position.

Pytania dotyczące słuchania

1. What is the first suggestion Graham makes?
2. Why does Graham say he has stayed at BitSoft?
3. What does Graham say he eventually wants to become in his career?

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