12 réflexions sur «BEP 123 – Négociations: Clôture de la transaction”

  1. thanks a lot. I have really improved my business english through this usefull podcasts.


  2. Viera Vávrová

    I do not know the sense of the letters URI.I would like to improve my English,because I am on your portal. Last time I want to answer some questions,but I was not able.I prefere to write,read to listening.When I listen to English speaking people I do not understand- for me it is very quick.I know,I need practise.

  3. Dears sirs,

    I am totaly indebted to you for your great podcast.
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Dear All,

    I’m really highly appreciation of you treat all people with dignity as well as respect, that is make your webside called PODCAST have got hundered of people around the whole World.

    Regards and thank you.

  5. Hey, I’m new one, but I really enjoy all lessons here. Its very helpful for me. Merci beaucoup. By the way, I would like to make friends with everyone, especially the ones working in Marketing field (Brand management). My skype id: tinyriver1988

  6. @Catarina – Merci! We’re glad BEP is helpful for you. If you’d like to connect with other business English learners, check out our social networking site at http://www.mybeonline.com. We have several groups there, including one called Study Buddies. You can friend other users and find practice partners there. It’s free to join. Hope to see you there!

  7. thank you very much indeed it is very important way to teach us .
    I’m asking if we ‘ll have dialogues in supply chain management

    best wishes

  8. bien, thanks alot for sending me the information to log in, now i have the study note, i will going to have a big jump on this

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