BEP 278 – Expressions idiomatiques anglaises pour les négociations (Partie 2)

BEP 278 Expressions idiomatiques anglaises pour les négociations 2

Bienvenue dans le module d'anglais des affaires pour la leçon d'aujourd'hui sur Idiomes anglais for discussing negotiations.

Making deals and coming to an agreement can be tricky business. We give, and we take. We win a little, and we lose a little. And both sides hope that they can get more than they need to give up. This is the tough competition known as negotiation, a competition that puts the drama in the world of business.

And like any kind of drama or competition, we love to talk about it. Who won and who lost? Who got what? How much did they pay? And just how did they get such a good deal? En anglais, we have lots of idioms to talk about negotiations. Today we’re going to take a closer look at some of these idioms and how to use them.

We’re going to rejoin a conversation between two colleagues, Jose and Neil. Neil has been talking about a tough negotiation he’s been going through with a company from Singapore.

Listening Quiz

1. How does Neil say he’s going to respond to the other company’s demands on payment terms?
2. According to Jose, why might the other side be negotiating with another firm besides Neil’s company?
3. What is Neil’s biggest fear?

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