Jeux d'anglais des affaires: Entretiens d'embauche Boot Camp

Passez en revue vos progrès avec deux nouveaux Jeux d'anglais des affaires sur entretiens d'embauche de Business English Pod.

Jeu gratuit:
Conseils d'entrevue d'emploi Bootcamp

Jeu gratuit:
BEP 167 à 169 – Votre premier entretien d'embauche

5 thoughts on “Business English Games: Entretiens d'embauche Boot Camp”

  1. Thank’s for this wonderful website I like to play the game’s It give me
    the Understanding on alot of thing’s that didn’t come to me before, nor
    have I had anyone to tell me or to educate me on Job Interview’s or how
    to dress to Impress. I was alway’s not knowing to to get jobs but my friend’s
    alway’s get them, But now that I have the opportunity to learn from your
    website I will be back here again and again and again, This Is Awsome.
    and thank’s alot.

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