BEP 101 – Präsentationen: Machen Sie Ihre Einführung

Diese Lektion wurde aktualisiert – Sehen Sie sich hier die verbesserte Lektion an.

Eine gute Einführung in Ihre Präsentation ist der Schlüssel, um die Aufmerksamkeit Ihres Publikums zu erregen. In dieser Business-Englisch-Podcast-Episode geht es um die Sprache, die bei der Erstellung einer internen Präsentation während einer Videokonferenz verwendet wird, und insbesondere um die Sprache, die für Ihre Einleitung verwendet wird.

Dieser Podcast ist jetzt Teil des Präsentieren für den Erfolg E-Book herausgegeben von Business English Pod. Sie können das E-Book auf dieser Seite ansehen: Präsentieren für den Erfolg ESL-E-Book für das Englischtraining am Arbeitsplatz

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24 Gedanken zu „BEP 101 – Präsentationen: Machen Sie Ihre Einführung”

  1. Hallo, I’m Angel I want to improve my english level, Anyone is interested to speak with me?? I will be very grateful

  2. Hi Angel.
    Read today your note here. I am in the same case, studyng english, but I need someone to practice.
    Will be a pleasure to know you. Hope to receive your hotmail address,if you have, in order to talk or chat in english.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    P.S. You can add me in your messenger.

  3. I myself would like to improve my english too, so I am looking for someone who can chat with me as well. My english might not be good enough.

  4. Hello Angel,
    I am interested to speak with you, I am trying to learn english, but I can’t have chance for using to learn and doing practise. I need to it often.

  5. Hi every body. I just wanted to say that I’m really interested in English. I am also able to speak in french and I need to improve these two language parallelly specially in the domain of business. Does anyone know a website dealing with french business podcast or french business telephoning?? Is any one here following English and French at the same time, or a french-speaking English learner?

  6. hi guys,it’s a great website i beleive i learned many interesting things in business field ,and i’m looking to practice more specialy i want to focus on the speaking as it is so important for e, also for you friends, so any one interested ,will be welcome

  7. I am very interested in english, but spoken english is not fluent. I hope i can improve my spoken english through this way.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I would like to make friends with those who want to improve english, we can practice together.

  9. @Doris and @sabirIf you’d like to find a practice partner, just head over to We have a whole network of English learners there and you can join the Study Buddies group to find a partner. It’s free and you can use your Facebook login to sign up!

  10. Hallo,
    I’m an English teacher, qualified native ;) and I came across your site via Google.

    I would just like to know if it is allowed to download any material from your site to pass on to my students (many different levels) who are interested in learning or improving their current English language skills.

    If not, I suppose I will just direct them here and hope they will use it.

    I think it’s a great sitewith a well thought out design and students should be able to find their way around it without any difficulty.

    Beste grüße.

  11. Hallo, i am from germany. I like the to learn english very much. would be happy to have short videos with maximum 5 min.

  12. best best best site ever……..a gift for people who aretrying hard to get command over English especially speaking.

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