BEP 141 – Sunumlar: SWOT analizi 1

Bu İş İngilizcesi Pod dersinde, we start the first in a 2-part series on presenting a SWOT analysis.

A SWOT analysis is a simple but powerful framework for analyzing your company’s strengths and weaknessesthese are internal to the companyas well as the opportunities and threats you face outside the company. This analysis helps you focus on your strengths, minimize threats, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to you.

Bugünün dersinde, we’ll focus on the first two stages of a SWOT: strengths and weaknesses. We’ll practice language for providing an overview, introducing your main strength, maximizing positive aspects, and acknowledging and introducing a weakness.

We’ll be listening to Terry, a partner at a growing firm of accountants, talking to Susan, the company’s newly hired marketing manager. Terry needs to brief Susan about the company and SWOT is a quick and easy-to-understand framework for giving a quick overview of a company and its position.

Dinleme Soruları

1) What is the main source of business for the company?
2) What is the main strength identified by Terry?
3) What weaknesses does Terry mention?

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GSYH 03 İş Kelime Bilgisi – Ofis Yöneticisi

Today’s podcast continues our series on business vocabulary, with a special focus on collocations or word partnerships. By focusing on words that are commonly used together you can improve your vocabulary and also your ability to understand your English-speaking colleagues.

Düşündüğün zaman “office administration”, what are the first things that come to mind? They might be things like paperwork, dosyalama, copying, and other boring and repetitive tasks. Most people probably don’t think of an office manager’s job as a crucial service that supports the successful running of a company and, therefore, its ability to make money.

Kuyu, today we’re about to meet Thomas, who’s going to tell us about the role he plays as office manager at the Mexican subsidiary of a multinational chemical company.

Dinleme Soruları

1) How does Thomas summarize his role as Office Manager?
2) What characteristics does Thomas list as important qualities of an office manager?
3) According to Thomas, what is a common misunderstanding about the best way for an office manager to do his job?

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BEP 97 – Ekonomi Hakkında Konuşma

Bu İş İngilizcesi Podcast dersinde, ekonomiyi ve ekonomik konuları tartışmak için kullanabileceğiniz bazı kelime öbekleri ve kelimeler üzerinde çalışacağız, endişeleri dile getirme ve güvence verme dahil.

Çinli izleyiciye Sichuan'daki son depremle ilgili sempatimizi ve desteğimizi ifade etmek istiyoruz,Ve afet bölgesindeki insanların en kısa sürede depremden kurtulacağını umuyoruz。

Hiçbir anlaşma yapılmaz, sözleşme imzalanmadı, iki kişi veya iki şirket arasında hiçbir iş yapılmaz. Her şey yerel ilişkiler ağlarının arka planında gerçekleşir, bölgesel, ve küresel ölçekler. Fiyat ve üretim arasındaki bu ilişkiler, “Ekonomi.” Ekonomiyi inceleyen insanlar – ekonomistler – işaret etmek isterim, Örneğin, Brezilya'daki soya fasulyesi fiyatının Çin'deki et fiyatını etkileyebileceğini. Şaşılacak bir şey yok, sonra, her yerde iş insanlarının favori faaliyetlerinin ekonomi hakkında konuştuğu. Sadece iş yaptığımız ekonomik çevreyi anlayarak etkin bir şekilde çalışabiliriz.

Bugünkü diyalog Kendal Marcus'da gerçekleşiyor, up market giyim ve aksesuarlarının global perakendecisi. Bir perakendeci son müşteriye mal satıyor; aksesuarlar takı ve kemerler gibi “aksesuar” Giyim. Şanghay gezisi sırasında, kırlangıç, Kendal’da Başkan Yardımcısı, Tony Wu'yu ziyaret ediyor, Çin ülke müdürü.

Dinleme Soruları:

1) Martin neden Çin'e geldi??
2) Tony ekonomik görünüm konusunda iyimser mi?, gelecek bu, Çin'de?
3) Martin'in ne tür endişeleri var??
4) Tony ona nasıl güvence verir??

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BEP 95 – İletişim: Çatışmayı Çözme (2)

This is the second in a two-part Business English Podcast lesson on resolving conflict, in which we’ve been focusing on solving everyday disagreements in the office. Ben, a new training specialist at a manufacturing company, feels that he is doing an unfair share (yani, too much) of the work in his department. Gerry, Ben’s manager, talks with him to solve the problem.

In the first episode, we studied how Gerry opened the discussion in an informal, non-threatening way, and we looked at how he listened actively to Ben to win his trust.

Bu bölümde, we’ll pay attention to how Gerry and Ben work together to come up with a solution. Özellikle, we’ll focus on how they state common goals, raise concerns, and agree action.

Where we left off last time, Gerry had just asked a question to resolve the conflict: Gerry wants to know what Ben would suggest doing to fix the situation.

Dinleme Soruları

1) What solution does Ben propose?
2) In which area does Ben feel he could make a real contribution?
3) What action do Ben and Gerry agree on?

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BEP 94 – İletişim: Çatışmayı Çözme (1)

People do not always get along, so dealing with conflict is part of any job. And as often as not, work disagreements get resolved as much as in informal discussions in the hallway, as they do in the conference room. Yani, in this two-part series on resolving conflict, we’ll be studying useful language for discussing and resolving disagreements.

We will be focusing not on major conflicts between companies or inside organizations, but rather on the everyday sort of disagreements that all of us have to deal with to be successful in our work.

dinlemede, Elegant is a company that designs and manufactures bathroom fixturessinks, toilets, ve bunun gibi. Ben has recently joined Elegant as a training specialist. When he started, he was promised that Elegant would hire someone to help him with his work-load, but instead he is still doing almost everything by himself. He was also promised the opportunity to do some course design, but instead his manager, Gerry, insists on closely supervising all of Ben’s work. Ben feels like he is working harder than anyone else in the office: He is always the last one to leave the department in the evening. But he doesn’t feel that his hard work is getting recognized.

Dinledikçe, pay attention to the language that Gerry and Ben use to deal with this disagreement.

Dinleme Soruları

1. Gerry says he wants to “sit down informally and thrash things out a little.”
2. What do you think this means? A strain is something that is tiring and, perhaps, irritating.
3. What does Gerry say is “getting to be kind of a strain?” What solution does Gerry propose?

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