VE 04 – İş yazışması: Dahili Kötü Haber Mesajı

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Bu bölümde E-posta Ayarlama we’re looking at an email from Jenny, who is responsible for her company’s IT services. She has written the email to give her colleagues some bad news: the office email server will bedowndue to a technical problem. When a server goesdown”, it means the server has been taken offline for maintenance because of a problem.

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4 thoughts on “ET 04 – İş yazışması: Dahili Kötü Haber Mesajı”

  1. Email Tune-up is a great series!

    I’m an English teacher from São Paulo, Brazil and I’m teaching an online workshop on this topic next January. I’m certainly going to recommend these videos to my students!

    Keep up with the great work!

  2. Expect to see more episodes of Email Tune-up in the New Year. We’ll also launch a new channel next year featuring Email Tune-up and a new series of email ‘how-tos’.

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