BEP 81 – Toplantılar: Tamamlama ve Eylem Noktaları

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It’s the end of a meeting, and everyone wants to go, but wait! We have one last thing to do: Action points. Bunun anlamı: Tell everyone who is going to do what, and when. Having no clear action points is a number one reason meetings are unproductive.

So in this episode, we’ll study language we can use to assign work to people, and also some phrases to finish off the meeting.

We’ll be listening in to a group of bank managers discuss how to deal with credit risk problems before a major year-end report to top management. They have already discussed and decided what to do, and now they need to finish the meeting. Dinledikçe, pay attention to how the boss, Lisa, gives action points to her team, yani, reminds them of what they need to do.

Dinleme Soruları:

1) When will Lisa’s team have their next round of meetings?
2) What duties does Lisa assign during the meeting, and to whom?

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