BEP 30 – Toplantılar: İngilizce Önerilerde Bulunmak

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Today’s intermediate İş İngilizcesi dersi is part of a two-part series on making, rejecting and accepting suggestions in English. Bu derste, we’re focused on the language used to introduce your ideas and make suggestions.

The dialog takes place at a sports shoe company called Stratos. You’ll be listening to Karen, a marketing manager, meet with three members of her team, Charles, Sven and Miguel. They are choosing a celebrity spokesperson for a new product. Celebrity means a famous person and spokesperson is someone who gets paid to be in an advertisement for a product.

*** Bu ders bizim İş İngilizcesi eKitap toplantılar için: Toplantı Esasları. Premium üyeler indirmek için buraya tıkla e-kitabın tamamı.

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