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Apprendre Anglais des affaires with your favorite business English lessons from Business English Pod!

Business English Pod

Avec plus de 75 million lessons delivered since 2006, Business English Pod is the go-to source for Business English lessons, podcasts and mobile apps for intermediate and advanced Business English learners.

Learn English conversation and listening skills, business vocabulary, expressions idiomatiques, et plus, with effective cours d'anglais des affaires on everything from meetings, présentations, negotiations to sales, job interviews and finance. Our Business English lessons are designed to help you understand the language that we use to communicate and the reasons why we use it. Our goal is to teach natural and effective English for business.

Our Business English Pod lessons (BEP) include a natural dialog featuring common and effective Vocabulaire anglais des affaires, expressions idiomatiques, and phrases. It also includes a clear and complete explanation of the dialog. You will learn what the speakers are saying, why they are saying it, and other ways you can express the same ideas. The PDF transcript and practice exercises will help you understand and remember everything you learn in the podcast.

PDF transcripts for each lesson are available to membres premium. Premium members can also access our online quizzes and lesson modulestake a essai gratuit to preview the lesson resources.

Business English Pod publishes a variety of business English lessons for speaking, vocabulary and listening skills. Try Vocab vidéo to learn business English vocabulary for different business and technical topics. Listen to Compétences 360 for advice on everything from using the telephone to high-level negotiations. Tune in to Actualités en anglais des affaires to learn advanced English vocabulary. And use our core Business English Pod lessons to study business English conversations, English speaking skills, and English vocabulary and idioms.

Notre Cours d'anglais des affaires are designed to help you understand the language that we use to communicate and the reasons why we use it. Nous voulons que nos apprenants soient en mesure de faire face à différentes situations professionnelles et professionnelles en ayant confiance en leurs capacités en anglais.

Business English Pod lessons are carefully created by an expert team of trainers with over 50 years of frontline experience in Business English training. Nos développeurs ont travaillé avec certaines des plus grandes entreprises mondiales dans divers domaines, notamment l'ingénierie, télécommunications, aérospatial, services financiers, et médecine. Nous ne comprenons pas seulement l'anglais, nous comprenons comment utiliser efficacement l'anglais pour les affaires.

Learning Process

Business English Pod lessons follow a consistent and effective format. Each podcast begins with an introduction that tells you about the topic and situation for the dialog. Then you hear the dialog, which is a natural and realistic example of a conversation in a common business situation. alors, in the “debrief” section, a teacher reviews each part of the dialog and explains what the speakers are saying, why they are saying it, and other ways to express similar ideas. finalement, in the “practice” section, you have the chance to use the language you learned.

Business English Pod is aimed at intermediate and advanced English learners, with a TOEIC score of between 400 et 700 or CEF B1-C2. Cependant, the lessons are designed to be useful to learners at a variety of levels. Lower and intermediate learners can focus more on language development, and advanced learners can concentrate on skills, fluency, and enhancement of professionalism.

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