BEP 155 – Englisch zum geselligen Beisammensein: Vernetzung (Teil 1)

This is the first of a two-part Business English Pod series on networking.

Im Geschäft, so much depends on who you know. A network is a group of business contacts that have the resources to help each other out. Former and current colleagues, outside business associates, vendors, friends, acquaintancesthese can all be part of your network.

Der Begriff “Vernetzung” refers to developing this group of contacts. Most businesspeople are looking to expand their networksfor sales leads, job referrals, Information, and advice. Networking also means being helpful to others. There should be mutual benefits for all involved.

Networking often involves approaching people you don’t know, which can be a little awkward. How do you network in a way that seems genuine? In dieser Lektion, we’ll look at ways to approach people. We’ll also cover greetings and introductions, 10-second elevator pitches, and talking about your industry.

Today we’ll listen to Ian and Marissa’s first interaction at a pharmacy conference. Ian is a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. Marissa is the manager of a hospital pharmacy. A pharmacy is a place that distributes medicine and drugs.

Fragen zum Zuhören:

1. How does Ian break the ice with Marissa? Mit anderen Worten, how does he start their first interaction?
2. How did Ian learn about the flu vaccine clinics?
3. Why is Marissa frustrated with her supplier?

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  1. could someone tell me how can i get the whole script of the whole passage? i will so appreciate your help.

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