BEP 137 – Şirket Turu: Etrafta Bir Ziyaretçi Göstermek

In today’s Business English Pod episode, we’re going to look at language for showing a visitor around your office or factory.

There are many reasons that someone might visit a factory and take a tour. They might be a prospective client who wants to see where the products are made, or perhaps someone from head office is on an inspection tour, or it could be an official inspection to make sure you are following government or internal standards. If it’s your job to give the tour, you’ll want to make sure everything goes smoothly. So in today’s episode we’ll looking at language for guiding people on a tour and pointing out areas of interest.

We’ll be listening to Ingrid taking Carl on a tour of a factory where GC cleaning products are produced. Carl is from the head office of GC and he’s inspecting the factory where Ingrid works. His job is to make sure that the company’s factories are all up to standard and capable of handling future orders. Diyalog başladığında, Carl has already arrived at the factory and met Ingrid, who is ready to start the tour.

Dinleme Soruları

1) What time of day does Carl arrive for his tour?
2) What is the problem with the detergent production line?
3) What role does newspaper play in the production of detergent in this factory?

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İş haberleri 11 – iPhone Lansmanı

bizim İş İngilizcesi Uygulaması for iPhone/iPad/Touch is now live in the App Store: İndir

Bugün, were talking about Apple’s new mobile phone: the iPhone. Actually it’s a combination of phone, iPod and internet browser all rolled into one gadget. We’ll be looking at the hypeor massive publicitysurrounding the launch of the iPhone and taking a closer look at the marketing vocabulary we use to describe product launches and the retail market.

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İş haberleri 09 (Geliştirilmiş M4a) – Reebok Reklam Kampanyası Başlattı

This is an enhanced version of the first intermediate Business English News podcast on Reebok’s new marketing campaign. Now you can view pictures and text related to the article on your computer or video iPod (you should also be able to see the images on most video MP3 players and phones).

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VideoVocab 03 – Pazarlama

Youtube videosu

İş İngilizcesi Podundan Video Vocab'in bu bölümü tanıtıldı 10 çoğunlukla kullanılan iş İngilizcesi kelime hazinesi ile ilgili terimler Pazarlama için İngilizce:

Pazarlama, Reklâm, Marka, Başlatmak, Tüketici, Pazar araştırması, Marka kimliği, Halkla İlişkiler veya Halkla İlişkiler, Pozisyon ve Kampanya.

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