BEP 343 – İngilizce röportaj: İkinci Tur Davranışsal Görüşme

BEP 343 - İngilizce Röportajlar: 2nd Round Behavioral Interview in English

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on second round İngilizce röportajlar.

You may know all about the basic İngilizce iş görüşmesi soruları. And you might be comfortable talking about your basic qualifications and experience. But most companies don’t stop the selection process after one round of interviews. They create a shortlist and invite a few outstanding candidates back for a second interview.

Çoğu durumda, that second interview is what we call a behavioral interview. Interviewers will ask questions about how you acted or reacted to challenges in past work, and how you dealt with or adapted to different situations. Böylece, they can find out whether you have the right attitude, approach, and abilities for the job.

The behavioral interview is a special opportunity to demonstrate soft skills, such as leadership, or how you take a principled approach to problems. You might also want to show that you can remain calm in conflict. Çoğu durumda, the STAR approach can help shape your responses. This is when you describe four things: the situation, the task, the action, and the result. And in this kind of İngilizce röportaj, you have to be careful, because some interviewers will try to give you leading questions to get you to reveal mistakes or problems.

Bugünün iletişim kutusunda, we’ll hear Kat, who is applying for a job with a private healthcare company. She is being interviewed by Denise. Denise is asking Kat some tough behavioral questions, and Kat is doing a good job of demonstrating some important soft skills.

Dinleme Soruları

1. What example does Kat give of how she showed leadership and went above and beyond?
2. What situation does Kat describe in response to a question about an unpopular decision?
3. What attitude or attribute does Kat demonstrate when describing a situation of conflict?

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BEP 342 – İngilizce röportaj: 2İngilizce nd Round Teknik Röportaj

BEP 342 - İngilizce Röportajlar: Second Round Technical Interview in English

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on succeeding in a technical İngilizce röportaj.

While we have lots of lessons on job İngilizce röportajlar, nearly all of them are about the first round of an interview, or the initial screening interview. If you succeed at that, you’ll get called back for a second interview. And it’s the İngilizce röportaj skills for these 2nd round interviews we want to look at now. Bugün, we’ll focus on the technical interview. And in the next lesson, we’ll look at the behavioral interview.

Just like any interview, preparation for a technical interview is key. And you can think beforehand about how you might show things like innovative experience or a learning attitude. You might also decide to highlight certain attributes that you think are beneficial, like being a team player.

But what about the problem-solving part of the technical job interview? Can you actually prepare for every possible problem? Hayır, you can’t. But remember that the purpose is not to trick you, or make you feel stupid. The interviewers just want to see how you approach problems. So it’s important for you to start by clarifying the question, and then clearly explaining your solution.

Bugünün iletişim kutusunda, we’ll hear a software developer named Kevin, who’s doing a technical interview for a new job. Kevin not only has to face questions about his experience, but he also has to explain a solution to a technical problem. He’s being interviewed by Mick. We’ll hear how Kevin navigates the interview.

Dinleme Soruları

1. What kind of experience does Kevin demonstrate when he talks about an exciting project he worked on?
2. Besides having a happy client, why was the project so successful?
3. When Mick gives Kevin a technical problem, what is the first thing Kevin does?

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925 İngilizce dersi 14 – Kariyeriniz Hakkında Nasıl Konuşulur

YouTube video

Bugünün 925 İngilizce dersi, we’re going to learn English for talking about your career.

Your education is an important part of your background. And there are lots of situations where you might talk about where you went to school and what you studied. A job interview is an obvious one, but you might also talk about your education in casual conversation.

925 ingilizce is a new series of English lessons for beginners. 925 İngilizce dersleri, işte ve işte kullanabileceğiniz İngilizce kalıplara ve ifadelere odaklanır.. Her biri 925 English lesson features English expressions you can use in different situations and tips on why and how we use them in İş ingilizcesi.

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BEP 291 – İngilizce Mülakat Becerileri 3: Hedefler ve Beklentiler

BEP 291 - İş Görüşmeleri için İngilizce 3: Career Goals and Expectations

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on talking about your goals and expectations in a job interview.

İçinde İngilizce iş görüşmesi, you’ll surely have to answer questions about your experience and your background. And you’ll be trying to convince the interviewers that you’re the person they are looking for. But what are you looking for? And how does the job you’re applying for fit into your plans?

Your goals and expectations matter. Interviewers want to know that you’re the right fit for each other. So you should be prepared to talk about your plans and what you’re looking for. You should also be ready to talk about the industry, and about the company you’re hoping to work for.

Today we’ll learn some of the techniques and language you can use to talk about your goals and expectations in an ingilizce iş görüşmesi. We’ll look at how to answer a question about career goals, and to answer a negative question. We’ll also cover how to show knowledge about the industry and ask good questions about the company. Ve sonunda, we’ll look at how to give salary expectations and talk about your intangible priorities, which means what you’re looking for besides money and benefits.

İletişim kutusunda, we’ll rejoin Ryan, who’s interviewing for a job at a software company. He’s being interviewed by Sandra and Victor, who want to know about Ryan’s goals and expectations.

Dinleme Soruları

1. What is Ryan’s career goal?
2. What question does Ryan ask about the company?
3. What are Ryan’s salary expectations?

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BEP 290 – İngilizce Mülakat Becerileri 2: Zor Soruları Ele Alma

BEP 290 - İş Görüşmeleri için İngilizce: Dealing with Difficult Questions

Merhaba, İş İngilizcesi Kapsülüne tekrar hoş geldiniz. Adım Edwin, and I’ll be your host for today’s lesson on dealing with difficult questions in a job interview.

Bir İngilizce röportaj, even simple questions about your experience and background can be difficult to answer well. Even though you’ve done your preparation, you might feel nervous or uncomfortable. Ve sonra, to make it even more challenging, the interviewer asks you a difficult question.

Elbette, everyone expects the question about a personal weakness. That’s one that you need to have a good answer for. But you might also get a range of other difficult questions that you can’t prepare for. And so you need to think on your feet and give the best answer you can.

Today we’ll look at some of the techniques and language for interview English you can use when faced with these difficult questions. We’ll learn how to answer hypothetical questions and leading questions. We’ll also cover softening language for talking about a weakness and stalling for time with a difficult question. Ve sonunda, we’ll look at how to explain how you’re different from other candidates and how to connect an idea back to an earlier idea.

İletişim kutusunda, we’ll rejoin Ryan, Sandra, and Victor. Ryan is interviewing for a job at a software company, while Sandra and Victor are giving him some difficult questions to deal with.

Dinleme Soruları

1. How does Ryan answer the question about what he “would” do in a certain situation?
2. How does Ryan describe his weakness?
3. What does Ryan think makes him different from other people?

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