İş haberleri 07 – Hindistan’ın Ekonomik Büyümesi

Today’s Business English News podcast comes from an article on the recent positive statements by the CEO of Infosys on the future of India’s economy.

India’s economy has long been overshadowed by the rapid rise of China and SE Asia. More recently though, attention has started to turn to India, who’s strong economic growth and skilled workforce have spurred interest. Many economists are now predicting steady growth at 8% per year with India set to become a 1 trillion dollar economy by 2008.

We use this article to look at some of the English words and expressions you can use to talk about economic trends and human resources.

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İş haberleri 06 – offshore

This Business English News podcast examines the topic of offshoring jobs. “offshore” means to move part of a company’s operations (usually supporting functions such as finance or HR) to another countryliterallyoff shore.Another commonly used term related to this topic isoutsourcing” – this means to use a different company to handle some supporting tasks. The key difference is that outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean the work is done in a different country.

The topic of offshoring, or outsourcing work overseas, is certainly a popular one these days, and many people in Western Europe and North America are quite concerned that this practice will lead to less job opportunities in their countries. Fakat, our story details a report from a well know management consultancy that concludes these concerns may be exaggerated oroverblown.

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İş haberleri 05 – Sanal Toplantılar

How do you conduct your meetings? Face-to-face, telefonda, by videoconference or maybe even using VOIP/Skype? Kuyu, now there is a new way – sanal toplantılar, or meetings where participants are represented by computer generated characters.

Listen to how IBM is using the virtual world of a website called Second Life as the next best thing to in person corporate meetings. After listening to the article, we’ll highlight some of the new vocabulary and provide definitions and further examples.

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İş haberleri 01 (Transcript) – İş İletişimi

Bu, düzenli İş İngilizcesi Haberleri podcast'lerimizin ilkinin metnidir. İnsanların iş yerinde nasıl iletişim kurduğunu ve iletişimin nasıl gerçekleştiğini etkileyebilecek farklı faktörleri duyuyoruz.

Öncelikle okumayı dinlemenizi ve aşina olmadığınız İngilizce kelimeleri not etmenizi öneririz.. Daha sonra makalenin bir kopyasını okuyun ve kelimelerin nasıl kullanıldığına bakarak anlamlarını tahmin edip edemeyeceğinizi görün.. Nihayet, Kelime dağarcığının açıklamasını ve tartışmasını dinleyin ve doğru tahmin edip etmediğinizi görün.

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