BEP 73 ADV – Deyimler: İş Savaştır (Bölüm 1)

Business and war. War and business. It’s no accident that many business strategies and management techniques were first developed in the military. Actually, it’s quite natural that we think about business competition in terms of war. Companies fight each other for market share. We strategize about how to win the battle. You try to attack my market position, and I defend it. Business is full of such war idioms. Though it’s not the only way we think about business, it is certainly the main way we talk about it. Therefore, to communicate effectively in a business environment, we need to learn these war idioms.

Bugünün iletişim kutusunda, the management at Luminex, a producer of LCD TVs, is discussing how to respond to a attack on their market position by a competitor, Meyers. Traditionally, Meyers has been strong in the premium (high value) market and Luminex has been strong in the mid-range market. Recently, ancak, Meyers has tried to take mid-range market share from Luminex.

Pay attention to the war idioms that the meeting participants use as you listen. Don’t worry if they don’t make sense to you the first time you listen. After you’ve heard the idioms explained in the debrief, go back and listen again, and the dialog should be much clearer.

Dinleme Soruları:

1) The first two speakers talk aboutalways being on the defensive” ve “taking way too much flak.What do they mean and what do they propose doing?
2) How does Jane’s point of view differ from the first two speakers?

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BEP 61 – İş Toplantısında Amerikan Spor Deyimleri

This is the first in a series of Business English Practice Pods that review and extend the language that is covered in the regular podcast. Practice pod dialogs will revise key language but in different situations. Ayrıca, they give you more opportunities to practice what you’ve learned.

BEP 58 – Su Soğutucu Chitchat: Spor Deyimleri 2

Spor Deyimleri 2, gayri resmi konuşma veya küçük konuşmaya odaklanan bir dizinin parçası – su soğutucu chitchat. Son kez kaldığımız yerde devam ediyoruz BEP 57. Jan ve Jen, büyük Amerikan telekomünikasyon şirketi Ambient çalışanları, sektördeki son olaylar hakkında sohbet ediyorlar: Aksan, bir Avrupa telekom şirketi, TelStar'ı devraldı, Ortamın Amerikalı rakiplerinden biri.

Son kez, Jen, TelStar'ın top oynamaya karar verdiğine nasıl şaşırdığını tartışmıştı, bu işbirliği, Accent ile çünkü hissedarlar “zaman ayırmak,” veya geciktirmek, Aylarca. Jan nasıl tepki veriyor?

Dinleme Soruları

1) McConnel kimdir ve Jan ve Jen onu ne düşünür??
2) Jen ve Jan, Accent’in Amerikan pazarındaki geleceği hakkında ne diyor?

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BEP 57 – Su Soğutucu Chitchat: Spor Deyimleri 1

This Business English Podcast lesson is the first in an ongoing series where we’ll listen in on some typical chitchat around the office water cooler. You’ll find a water cooler in offices around the worldusually in the break room where employees gather to drink a cup of coffee or tea and take a rest from work.

And during these breaks, you might meet with a colleague and exchange words about life, your jobs, your company, Spor Dalları, politics or whatever. Yani “water cooler chichathas come to refer to all types of informal communication that take place at the office.

We’ll be listening in on Jan and Jen, who work in the same office of Ambient, an American telecoms company, gossiping around the water cooler. They are discussing the latest industry news: Aksan, a major European player in the market, has just announced the takeover or buy out of Ambient’s main competitor,TelStar.

Dinleme Soruları

1) Do Jan and Jen think Accent’s takeover of TelStar was a good idea?
2) Why was there a delay in the takeover?

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İş İngilizcesi Deyimler

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