Lección Gratis – BEP 129: Lanzando una idea

Completando el voto para la lección más popular es BEP 129 – Reuniones: Lanzando una idea (Parte 1). Esta publicación contiene las notas de estudio en PDF y enlaces a los cuestionarios de inglés en línea para BEP 129.

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Enlaces GRATIS: Transcripción PDF | Cuestionarios

Noticias de negocios 09 (M4a mejorado) – Reebok lanza campaña publicitaria

This is an enhanced version of the first intermediate Business English News podcast on Reebok’s new marketing campaign. Now you can view pictures and text related to the article on your computer or video iPod (you should also be able to see the images on most video MP3 players and phones).

To download a set of study notes for this podcast ‘right-clickon this link, select save target and then choose which folder on your computer to save the file to.

PDF Transcript: Study Notes

Download: Podcast MP3

Noticias de negocios 01 (Transcripción) – Comunicacion de negocios

This is the transcript for the first of our regular Business English News podcasts. We hear how people communicate at work and the different factors that can affect how communication takes place.

We suggest that you first listen to the reading and make a note of any English words you are not familiar with. Then read a copy of the article and see if you can guess the meaning of the words by looking at how it is used. Finalmente, listen to the explanation and discussion of the vocabulary and see if you guessed correctly.

Miembros: Transcripción PDF

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