Noticias de negocios 10 – Viacom demanda a YouTube por 1 Billon de dolares

Today we have a Business English News story on a company that’s been in the news quite a bit recentlyYouTube. En particular, we refresh and discuss some of the key vocabulary we covered in our Video Vocab series on the law and legal vocabulary:

Vocabulario en vídeo 04 – Basic Legal Terms
Vocabulario en vídeo 05 – Casos judiciales
Vocabulario en vídeo 06 – Ley comercial

PDF Transcript: Study Notes

Download: Podcast MP3

3 thoughts on “Business News 10 – Viacom demanda a YouTube por 1 Billon de dolares”

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  2. articles on this business news topic are perfectly practical, and u can hardly find on any other website for english learning

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